Hello, I'm Kasey and I love photography!

All my life I've enjoyed having a camera in my hands. There's just something magical about being able to manipulate light, shadow, focus, and depth to capture a moment in time... exactly the way I want to remember it.

I've been photographing professionally since 2005. For twelve years, I worked full time as a portrait and wedding photographer, developing my simple, crisp, colorful style. 

About five years ago, I made a slow and calculated transition to a more mission-based career in the nonprofit sector. I help people facing life-altering health conditions find respite and relaxation through art activities. It's incredibly fulfilling, and occupies my "business day" schedule. There's even some portrait photography involved! The people I've met in this role truly fill my heart with joy and appreciation every day.

Portraits are my fun, light, evenings-and-weekends job. I love making people feel special, celebrated, and seen. I love helping commemorate milestones. I enjoy providing a service that lets you sit back, relax, and have someone else behind the camera. Treat yourself!

I'm very comfortable working with people who may have anxiety, sensory or developmental differences, neurodivergence, or special needs. We all experience the world differently; everyone is treated with the same kindness and consideration. Simply let me know how I can make your portrait session more comfortable.

I look forward to being your personal photographer.

Warmth & Kindness,



Kasey Marsh (she/her)

BS, Community Health, Texas A&M University

MA, Arts in Medicine, University of Florida