Frequently Asked Questions


Can you shoot my wedding?

If you're eloping or having a micro-wedding, the answer is yes! Please contact me for more information on this type of service.

If you are having a wedding with more than about twenty people total in attendance, I will happily refer you to a colleague. While this is a service I've provided in the past, I no longer have the staff, equipment, or time available to handle the bigger events.


Can you take pictures of us on our boat out in the open water?

Yes. The time I spend riding in your boat to the desired portrait location is included within the "continuous" photography session time, so please take this into account. My camera and equipment cannot get wet. Let's talk logistics and make it happen!


Are you vaccinated?

Yes. I am up to date on all recommended vaccinations including flu, COVID, and TDAP.


What is the discount rate for friends and family members?

There is no discount rate for friends and family members. I promise to work just as hard for you as I do for the general public!

In all honesty, most of the people I work with are friends, family, or neighbors.


Can you donate a session to our charity group/silent auction/a family in need?

I do not donate sessions. 


Can you photograph our charity fundraiser or event? It would be great exposure.

This is not a service I offer.


We'd like to include our dog/cat/lizard/dragon/bird/cow/horse/pig/rabbit in the photos. Are you animal-friendly?

Absolutely! If you also want photos separate from the animal, I recommend having a trusted handler/wrangler join you for the session.


Can you photoshop me/remove those people/cars/flags/houses in the background?

Extensive editing is not included in the regular portrait editing. If you have a specific edit request on an image, I'm happy to take a look and either retouch it, or quote you a fee to do extensive retouching. I cannot "undarken" transition lenses in your glasses.

For extensive editing beyond removal of mild acne, I use a professional editing service. They're generally very reasonable and can do quite a lot!